Getting Ready for Halloween in Norway

Getting Ready for Halloween in Norway

Halloween is a very important event in our family. Not because of any special meaning behind it, but because Pat loves the candies, aka the “godteri” as Norwegians call them. Moreover, he loves to pretend to be someone else. Put these two together, and you have the perfect storm of happiness for him. We have not really celebrated Halloween until Pat turned 2 years old, and until we moved in a family friendly neighborhood.  Having children knocking at our door to trick or treat, was something new for us. We did not have that happen in the bigger cities where we used to live before.

To get in the spirit of the celebration, the decoration of our house – and most precisely, the exterior, is one of the main attraction of October. In addition, this makes the waiting for the Christmas decorations to be socially acceptable, less painful. We are crazy like that.

Why Do Halloween Decorations

Now, here are our reasons for decorating our house for Halloween:

  • Trick or treaters tend to scan houses for subtle signs that they are welcomed to knock on the door. Therefore it is a good idea to put up a couple of decorations that basically say we do not mind having kids knock at the door to delight us with their fanciful costumes and to get some candy.
  • We find it hilarious to see how our friends get scared when they come to visit
  • Pat loves to decorate, and soon, Anny will get the taste of it too.
  • Having decorated the house implies that now we have a good reason to wear a Halloween costume ourselves.

Where to Find the Decorations

During the month of October, lots of shops start to bring in Halloween decorations, such as the famous pumpkin, the scary skeleton, or the spooky ghost. Toys’r’us have a special area dedicated to Halloween. Nille and Rusta are also a decent place to shop from. And there are always the online shops, where you can get very good deals on most of the decorations – especially if you want to buy human-size skeletons. However, the disadvantage with websites like ebay or wish is that you need to order 4 to 6 weeks in advance, in order for the decorations to arrive on time.

If you are late with your Halloween decorations, as we are this year, you will have to rely heavily on Rusta, Nille, Toys’r’us or, if you are lucky enough, However, I have noticed a huge increase on the Norwegian online stores, such as babyshop/lekmer/lagerhaus and so on, where you can place your order online, and get the products at home (with a delivery of 3-5 days). That is not bad! So, before heading to the stores, check them online. For example, you can get a 50 cm tall skeleton for 110 nok from lekmer at the moment (15%discount).
How About the Costumes?

Most of the shops that sell Halloween decorations, will also sell costumes for both kids and adults. However, for children’s costumes, I prefer Toys’r’us, as they have quite a wide range of choices at the moment. Lekmer has some pretty good deals on some of the costumes (for less than 100 nok per costume), but they are not very creative. For sure, I couldn’t find the Spiderman costume that Pat wants, but they do have some interesting clothes and shoes with Spiderman prints. Babyshop has some nice Spiderman T-shirts and hats too. I am actually trying to convince Pat to wear a Spiderman hat, T-shirt and pants from babyshop, as it is actually cheaper than to buy the Spiderman costume from Toys’r’us. An extra advantage is that the set can be used for different occasions too, rather than just the Halloween.

I feel like I should mention as well, as I am a big believer in the fact that some items can be bought second-hand. However, in the past 2 years, I have not once been able to find a costume small enough for Pat.

As for the adults, we are pretty much going to use some make-up to create something either funny or scary. Here is a picture from my husband and my son last year. They went trick or treating, while I stayed home, heavily pregnant, waiting for the neighbors’ kids to knock at the door.

I was dressed up as a half of avocado. I looked like this:


Yes, that is the focus of the evening. Pat has already gotten his bucket ready. He asked for a bigger bucket this year, as he things that Spiderman deserves more candies than did the smiley ghost last year. Looking forward to finding out if this is the case or not J

This year we got our sweets from Sweden, as we have been recently there, but normally we prefer Rusta or Europris. We are big fans of Twix, Mars and Smarties. And by we, I mean the kids. And of course, their lille daddy J Last year, the mini-smarties were very popular among the kids that came to our door, so we will buy some more of them this year as well.

It’s only 3 days left until Halloween, so we are starting to decorate our house, the interior as well as the exterior. If you want more tips about Halloween decorations, please read our post Halloween moro med barna . Also, if you are a big fan of baking, those small cute Halloween recipes  might inspire you for something fun (the article is in Norwegian, but the pictures speak for themselves).

Happy Halloween everyone!


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